Reflecting on 2015

2015 has been quite the year. Many things have happened, both good and bad. Tonight we enter into a new year. Every New Years Eve I always think that it feels like any other night has passed, another “time to just get dressed up and maybe have one to many drinks”. As I have gotten older, it seems more redundant.

In my earlier years I lived for this, and would plan something extravagent, wearing something my father would not want me leaving the house in and staying up until dawn. Now, I need layers, upon layers because warmth is my main priority and fighting myself to stay awake until midnight is a challenge. For the past couple of years, I have stayed in and have been so excited to do so. Oh times have changed. When the clock strikes midnight it doesn’t feel like a new year has begun. So it got me thinking recently, what feels like the beginning of a new year, if when, the clocks strike midnight and the party favours blaring in your ear don’t remind you that a new year is here, then what does?

After much thinking, maybe a little wine, okay a lot of wine, and some self-reflection, I found these answers of moving forward to a new year. Milestones. Milestones are things that you complete in life. A life checklist if you may. Hell, Facebook even has a milestone indicator that allows all of your friends to know that you have acomplished something or that a new chapter has started in your life. You can add things like getting engaged to literally deleting Tinder on this. I believe milestones are acomplishments and chapters in life that you grow towards either by yourself or surrounded by the special people close to you.

For me, 2015 brought about huge milestones. I got married, became a godmother, decided to re-brand and open up my second business, overcame a medical crisis and gained relationships and lost a few. These are huge milestones. There were many nights I wished and prayed for 2016 to come. I wanted to erase 2015 and move forward to the next year because I wanted a fresh start. I was convinced that I could not handle anything else that 2015 was going to throw my way. I wanted to forget everything that happened in 2015, run away from it all. I thought that it would help me. It would allow me to heal faster. I was wrong.

What I needed to do was to accept what I couldn’t control. What I have realized is that things happen in life and I needed to accept that. Sometimes it’s harder said then done, but always learning along the way was the important lesson. Running away from things is never the answer. I need to face that 2015 happened and know that it was okay. What the year brought was happy tears and sad. Funny stories and devasting truths. So, instead, I plan to face 2016 with open arms and know that because of what happened in 2015, I will have the strength to conquer whatever the universe has in store and at least now I am more comfortable being naked doing it. <(Please read ‘Who Hasn’t Seen Me Naked By Now‘ to get this reference).

As of January 1st, 2016 I plan to kickoff my 28×28 bucket list. I know that when the clock strikes twelve tonight (hopefully I can make it until then!) I will be celebrating with two of the most special people in my life, Siddy and Ace. I know that it will feel like just another night and tomorrow when I wake up it might still feel like that too, but surrounding myself with the two of them will make it memorable to me. Wishing everyone a Happy New Years and a safe and healthy 2016.



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  1. Mary Alice says:

    Katie you and your words are an inspiration to all of us. Blessings & Happy New Year to You, Sid, & Ace too. Big Hug. Aunt Mary Alice & Uncle Mike.


    1. katiezim says:

      Thank you so much Aunt Mary Alice! WishinG a Happy New Year to you and Uncle Mike. I hope the weather is a little warmer down there 🙂


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