You Are Brave

“You are so brave”. This is often said to me when I tell my story to others. It starts off when someone asks what my tattoo means or if they are bold they will step into unknown territory of why my face seems to not stay symmetrically aligned with the other half. I really like those people. They cut the bullshit and get to the point. I know people stare and want to ask but follow the political correct line and shy away. Instead of staring just ask. It makes me more comfortable with you to know that you are looking at my eyes instead of my half crooked mouth or focusing on my dropping eyelid instead of what I have to say about the weather.

I have never thought of myself of brave. I don’t put myself directly in situations that would harm me or others. I never fought for my country. I never had to escape or seek asylum. Processing that definition I had never thought of myself as a brave person. I was a person who had something terrible happen to them and I tried to survive. That was it.

Each time this is said I have to process and break down this phrase and words. I would like to think that everyone is brave in their own way. I love words and the approach and meaning behind each one. Each letter that is put together to form one word holds such a powerful, yet different meaning for one person to another.

Brave is a powerful term. I believe everyone is brave in their own way. Everyday you must face things that are not pleasant, that’s life. I think that you are given a choice in any circumstance and with that choice you choose whether you break or thrive. Deep down you have the power to control and divert your path.


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