Planning and Anticipating

We wanted to start a family for a very long time. It took a little bit of time but we finally discovered we were pregnant. We were over the moon with excitement. After 2 long years of chaotic, uncertainty, we have been able to transition into the next chapter of our lives. For the first trimester, my migraines were non-existent and it was amazing! Dealing with constant morning (all-day) sickness was another issue but I felt that it was much better than losing control of the left side of my body. It was the first time in 2 years that I was able to find relief and I was in literal heaven.

And then we entered into the second trimester and my hormones decided to have a mind of their own, cranking up the intensity of my hemiplegic migraine symptoms. Gone were the days of no auras and intense pain. Now all of the side effects of these demons were multiplied by 50. The positive thing to note is that I have been learning to take better care of my body, stop and rest. I have also been learning that it is okay to take things day by day and scale down the bigger picture I had always sought. It was a constant battle to be able to regain my voice and have full use of my hand multiple times per week.

They say that your migraines can go either way. Your migraines will decrease in severity and frequency due to the surge of hormones or they could completely take on a mind of their own. For me, the latter happened. I struggled tremendously with this early in the second trimester and felt the ultimate mom guilt imaginable. Being able to adapt to a new normal to be able to function in everyday life was difficult at first but much needed. Re-learning a new routine, making sure that Larry is always on hand and getting the rest that I need is important. Everything is worth it because in a few short months we will meet the love of our life (besides Ace of course).

What changes my health perspective from 6 months ago? That I am no longer thinking just about myself but for another living thing that is growing inside of me. Gone are the days that it was okay to go without Larry because I didn’t mind having a few bruises on my knees from my leg giving out. Falling while pregnant is a big no-no. Right now I have to think about this little life inside me and make sure I do everything in my power to ensure they are safe. Life has certainly shifted, but in the best way possible.


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