Mirror Mirror: A Look At My Physio Exercises

As many of you know, I have been an adventurer in the health care system for quite some time. For me, that means treatment in and out of the hospital and other health care facilities. To regain function in my left hand, I have done many exercises, many, many exercises. I was willing to do anything to get my hand to come back to life. The floppy fish life thing that I was dragging around was kind of depressing. Very depressing actually.

A lot of things have been beyond my realm of understanding. You see, my background is not health or medicine at all. I am creative, I enjoy dissecting ads on tv and strategizing social media campaigns for clients, and reading insights of their Facebook pages. Not blood. Definitely not blood. When I see blood, I see the floor, or the floor sees me. Whichever comes first. When doctors and nurses came into my room to explain their findings I had to immediately go to Google to find the laymens terms of what it all meant. Research became almost soothing to me. I was able to learn how to help myself and to see if there were other things that could help me. I was constantly asking questions to the professionals to see if I could gather more information or resources.

It was the second last week that I was on the rehab wing at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance and my regular physio therapist was away on vacation. I was working with a wonderful occupational therapist in the gym, Emily, who was trying to awaken my hand. At this point we were trying everything and it was the final piece to the puzzle, everything else was working, slowly but surely.

I decided to make a video to show you what the mirror exercise is becuase it is something that I needed to show you instead of describe. It was and is more to me than I can put together with words. I also salute Taylor Swift for making a great album that I could practise my exercises to endlessly and apologize to Sidney for having it on repeat for so long.


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