Project Katie


Have you ever been fired? I have. Twice. Once from a job and then another from a doctor. It wasn’t as bad as I thought – the doctor one. The job was eye-opening; lots of wine and tissues assisted with my self-pity and wallowing. Being fired from a doctor though, that one like it was something that was to be expected, like I should have known it was coming. Truthfully, I saw the headlights coming in the distance. You never want to be referred to as a “project” and when they start a project they always want to finish it. Funny, I never thought of myself as a project, I mean I do realize I have a lot going on, but a project makes me think of a grade three diorama. All glue gunned, pasted together with bits and pieces and whenever an adult looks at it you get the head tilt with a sympathetic smile and nod of encouragement and maybe an ‘Aw’, or ‘great effort’.

Have I mentioned that words are powerful? And you have to make sure how you use them because it was make an everlasting impact on another person. As a ‘project’, did that mean I had a shelf life? Was I going to expire? What happened if said person could not find check off all of the items that would complete assignment – or me?

You see it’s been two years since my body has decided to go on a vacation. I was told, I can tell you what you don’t have but I can’t tell you what you do have. It’s a waiting game at this point. With that, the project was closed and I was sent to another doctor to find out. As you can see this was confusing. A waiting game for me to get worse…or better? The question is still unanswered. It’s like a big elephant in the room. What is wrong with that girl. Instead, I will be sent on my way and starting over again with a new doctor. Hopefully they think I am a cool diorama.


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